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파리 정통 크로아상 베이킹 클래스 (영어투어)
location 파리, 프랑스
₩ 126,300
/ 1인
상품 유형
만나는 시간
오전 9시 30분
소요 시간
3 시간
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파리 정통 크로아상 베이킹 클래스 (영어투어)
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클래식 버터 크로아상 뿐 아니라 초콜렛 크로아상과 건포도 크로아상을 만들어보실 수 있는 기회를 누려보세요!

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코스 소개
만나는 장소
Central Paris, France
만나는 시간
오전 9시 30분
크로아상 베이킹 클래스

크로아상 베이킹 클래스

가격포함 (포함사항)

- 전문 셰프 가이드 비용
- 제빵 및 시식
- 영어 레시피 제공
- 베이킹 도구 및 재료

여행자부담 (불포함 사항)

- 호텔 픽업
- 교통편

사용 방법
배송 및 교환처

- 여행확인증이 아닌, 영어로 된 바우처를 지참하셔야 합니다.
(모바일 제시 혹은 출력본 제시 가능)

[기타 안내]
- 투어 확정에 영업일 기준 최대 2일정도 소요될 수 있습니다.
- 여행자 보험에 가입 후 투어를 진행할 것을 권장합니다.
- 베이킹 클래스의 정원은 6명이며 최소인원이 충족되지 않을 시 클래스가 취소될 수 있습니다. 이 경우, 대체 상품이 제공되거나 환불됩니다.
- 편한 복장을 갖춰주시기 바랍니다.
- 투어 참여 가능한 연령은 15세 이상입니다. 15세 미만 청소년은 어른과 함께 동반 시, 참여 가능합니다.

취소 및 환불 규정

- 본 상품은 상품 특성상, 부득이하게 별도의 약관이 적용되어 확정 이후 취소 및 환불이 불가합니다.

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저희는 미국에서 1995년에 설립되어, 지금까지 1500개가 넘는 도시의 현지 투어들을 여행자님들께 제공하고 있습니다.
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저희와 함께하신 80만명의 전세계 여행자님들이 직접 남긴 후기를 통해서 직접 검증된 전세계 체험들을 즐겨보세요!
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이메일 : funtrip@myrealtrip.com
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"This was a great class. Really enjoyed learning how to make and make the croissants. The teacher was great and explained the process of making croissants. Would do again."

∙ 2018-08-12
"What an experience! Julie was so sweet and patient. She made a labor intensive process seem quick and easy. The class size was small, which was nice. We made the croissant dough, which was then wrapped and put in the refrigerator for the next day. We were then given a wrapped pack of dough, presumably made by a class the previous day, which we used to make 4 croissants and 4 pain au chocolate. We were given a bag and foil to take home what we didn't eat. I really enjoyed the class and hopefully will be inspired to try to make them at home. My only disappointment was that I was under the impression we would make pain aux raisins as well, but we did not, we were merely shown pictures in a Cookbook."

Susan M
∙ 2018-07-16
"I have a whole new respect for the art of croissant making! The instructor was excellent, the class started on time, her english was perfect and we ended up with croissant to go which was amazing! Totally recommend this activity."

∙ 2018-02-21
"Perfect way to enjoy a morning in Paris! I was excited to experience a class on how to make the most famous of all pastries, the croissant. I definitely have a new appreciation in to the amount of skill and work that goes into creating these gorgeous fluffy pastries. The learning space was a professional kitchen with plenty of room and our teacher was highly skilled. I had so many croissants and pain au chocolat to take home that I was eating them for breakfast and afternoon snacks for a couple of days. Highly recommend this class."

Vincenza S
∙ 2018-02-01
"Had a Great Time cant wait to make them t home"

michael m
∙ 2018-01-06
"We had a lot of fun at this class. Julie was great. I had no idea how much work goes into making croissants and I honestly have a much larger appreciation for them now. Ours tasted delicious when they were finished which surely helps. Near the end of the class Julie also gave us some great tips for nearby places to explore in the neighborhood. I definitely recommend this class."

Douglas W
∙ 2017-10-03
"So much fun!!! Julie was great. Will definitely come back"

∙ 2017-07-06
"This class was a truly unique and entirely French experiencea chocolate-filled reprieve from historical walking tours. We were staying in Montmartre, so the bakery was close and easy to find. Our head baker Julie was kind, friendly, and immensely helpful without being overbearing. We had so much fun encouraging and teasing one another as our croissants and pan au chocolat came together. The process was abbreviated, sort of like on a cooking show where you skip the long wait for the dough to rise. Plus, we got to keep everything we baked!"

∙ 2017-06-27
"Pretty fun class and the croissants were delicious. The class itself did not have a very French feel but it was still nice."

Kathleen B
∙ 2017-05-01
"This was an amazing class, very informative and I can't wait to try to replicate the results at home!"

∙ 2017-01-13
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